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Being the Director for "04" 11 years has been one of the greatest joys for me and I have made lasting friendships.  I love my "tribe" but it's time for me to "retire" and just run barrels.

The duties for the Director are:

Scheduling and sanctioning shows with various arenas in your district. 

Making sure everything is set-up prior to exhibition including someone to drag and set-up barrels.

Taking entries (pre-entry is up to the individual director).

Time keeping of the show.


Reporting results.

Keeping track of points.

Social media.


You will have the NBHA computer, timers and case that holds everything from entry cards, envelopes, cash box, pens and the trays for stacking cards at your shows.  You can use the current entry cards or create you own.

Linda Jones is our State Director.  She is always available (and I have called during shows with some "doosie" questions).  She is extremely supportive for all of her directors and so so very nice to work with.

We are very lucky to have "privately owned" arena's in our district.  Every arena owner is very good to work with and will work with you.  It's helpful to schedule for the entire year at the beginning even though Mother Nature doesn't always pay attention to your schedule but re-scheduling is always an option.

Any and all funds (shows, added money, sponsorship, fund raising, awards) coming into your district is your responsibility.  Sponsorship, fun raising, awards is left up to each individual district.  You decide how to take care of it or take it to your membership for input.

NBHA is now owned by a company out of Texas.  My personal experience with this company had been nothing less than GREAT.  They are very "computer" oriented and gearing towards "paperless".  They do recommend Saddlebrook for pre-entries/recording shows and I'm sure they'll help every step of the way.  At this point, you are able to use your own program and/or system.

I was extremely lucky I had Buddy all of these years.  He solicited for added money, made sure the arena was ready, set-up timers, dragged when no one else was available and supported me unconditionally

(but not without griping!).

In the beginning I had Crystal and Michelle that helped me with the computer and entries.  Charlene jumped in years ago and I could not have done all the paperwork without her.  At the beginning of the year she kept track of the "big shows" and any "series" in our district so we were able to schedule our regular shows for the year around those.  We found out Nancy was great with a computer and she took care of putting in the entries and keeping track of the times during the show.  

It does take a "tribe" and I had the good fortune of my close tribe being committed to helping at every show, from beginning to the end.  They volunteered their time and effort and there are not enough words to let them know how much that meant to me.  Along with the faithful members that jumped in and helped with their time and/or sponsorships.  "04" has one of the BEST memberships and who ever takes over the director position with have a lot of support!!!



In order to receive awards, you must work.

Barrels set - 100 (you can set a minimum of 25 per show)  You MUST come to the announcers stand and report that you (or someone for you) will be setting barrels. No exceptions. 

Exhibition tickets = 50 barrels set

Sponsorship - minimum $150  If you are a parent and child, minimum Sponsorship to count for 2 - $250

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